Integrated management system policy

ECOSAC, a pioneer company in northern Peru, which integrates the production of aquaculture, agriculture, frozen hydrobiological products, canned processing and fruit packaging, to satisfy the needs of its customers and consumers, supplying products that meet their requirements.

At ECOSAC we are committed to:

Continuously improve our processes

Applying occupational health and security criteria, environmental protection, BASC security and control management system, food safety, prevention against adulteration and food defense, quality, authenticity, innovation and operation; complying with the requirements of the standards certified by the company and current legal requirements.

Prevent pollution

And preserve the environment through the control and mitigation of environmental risks and impacts.

Act within an ethical-social

Framework of responsibility, integrity, and respect for people and their rights, institutions and the environment, promoting continuous improvement that contributes to the sustainable development of our stakeholders.

Include in our processes preventive measures

Against illicit activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, sabotage, corruption, bribery, money laundering and contraband.

Promote a culture of prevention

Of occupational risks in order to provide a safe and healthy environment to our employees, through their participation and consultation, which guarantee compliance with current legal requirements for security and health at work.

Social responsibility policy

Ecosac is committed to acting within a framework of responsibility, integrity and respect for people,institutions and the environment, promoting continuous improvement that contributes to the sustainable development of our stakeholders.

Promote good business practices

The promotion of ethical behavior, respect for the environment and the basic rights of people

Promote the culture of safety

As a way of life, to guarantee the integrity of our employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

Improve the quality of life

And self-management of neighboring communities based on meeting social needs and demands aligned with the pillars of health, education, environment, etc.

Reconcile the social interest

Of the company with the legitimate interests of the stakeholders that may be affected and assume the impact of our activities on the community as a whole.

Promote the review of the continuous improvement

Of Social Responsibility management

Ethical code

At Ecosac we promote an ethical culture among employees,which they must respect and comply with according to 8 principles that are mentioned in our code of ethics.

Human rights

Every worker has the right to be respected and to receive good treatment. At Ecosac we do not allow inhuman or severe treatment.

Child labor

We do not allow the recruitment of children and young people under 18 years of age for any type of work within our facilities.

Right to association

Workers, without distinction, have the freedom to form or join joint committees of their own selection and propose solutions to possible problems.

No discriminación e igualdad de oportunidades

Garantizamos la igualdad de oportunidades sin discriminación y trato justo a varones, mujeres, mujeres embarazadas; sin distinción de credo, raza, sexo, estado civil, orientación sexual, afinidad política o edad.

Living salary and benefits

The salaries and benefits offered in exchange for the work performed shall comply with the minimum remuneration stipulated in the law for the promotion of the agricultural sector and the aquaculture law.

Community development

Through our Social Responsibility projects we promote well-being and improve the quality of life of the Chapairá community.

Physical, mental and social well-being

We evaluate the conditions that affect the work environment of our collaborators, whether with undesirable sexual behaviors that cause negative effects on the work environment, performance or work well-being, and we develop strategies that generate greater satisfaction.

Condiciones de trabajo

Promovemos una cultura de seguridad como un estilo de vida, garantizando la integridad de nuestros empleados, contratistas, proveedores y visitantes, brindándoles un ambiente seguro y limpio. Se proporcionará a todos los colaboradores de la empresa equipos de protección personal considerando el factor biométrico de cada trabajador.

Prevención de acoso sexual, violencia y mecanismo de reclamo

Velamos e informamos al trabajador los procedimientos a seguir ante conductas sexuales indeseables que reciba y que provoque efectos negativos en condiciones de trabajo, desempeño o bienestar laboral. Contamos con un mecanismo establecido para que la víctima pueda presentar su queja o denuncia al área de recursos humanos, brindando soporte psicológico y asistencia al personal víctima de violencia doméstica.