Our products

Ecosac offers 5 varieties of canned pepper: Piquillo pepper, bell pepper, teardrop, cherry and jalapeño pepper, which are presented in different formats, with formats 460,370 and 315 having the largest market share. Our main commercial windows are: Spain, Chile, USA and Argentina.

We process shrimp and fan shell in different presentations, being the whole and value-added shrimp, the ones with the highest commercial demand. The fan shell, our new commercial line, is offered to markets such as USA, Canada, in the presentation Roe OFF; while the presentations of coral stem and half a leaflet with coral are aimed at markets such as Spain and France.
We use the IQF freezing system, ensuring that our fruits and vegetables retain the characteristics of a product freshly harvested in the field. Our commercial offer, still growing, seeks to satisfy the most demanding customers, thus bringing the best of Natural Peru to the world.
Our commercial offer of fresh reaches the five continents. We grow 16 varieties of table grapes, with the box presentations of 8.2 kg being the ones with the highest commercial demand. We also grow 3 varieties of avocado: Hass, Zutano, Ettinger.