Know us

We are Ecosac

We have been growing, processing and developing products for the most demanding consumers in the world for 20 years.

We are a modern, dynamic and innovative company that began operations in 2001, initially focused on the cultivation of sea prawns in freshwater pools; some time later we ventured into agriculture, in a first stage with pepper crops, and then bet on table grapes. Today, with pride, we can say that we gave the trigger impulse to transform the desert of Medio Piura into fertile lands.

We currently have the most diversified commercial proposal of table grapes in South America, with 16 varieties of this product; Likewise, we grow Tahiti lime, avocado and pepper in different varieties, such as: piquillo, morrón, lagrima, cristal, corera, among others.

We have designed a business model that allows us to generate thousands of direct jobs continuously, hiring approximately 8 thousand people at our peak recruitment and having generated formal work in favor of more than 30 thousand Peruvians and Piuranos during our operations.

To date, we have 500 hectares of aquaculture activity, approximately 2000 hectares in which we develop agriculture, 3 processing plants and a shrimp larvae laboratory located in the caleta de Constante in the province of Sechura.


By 2025, ECOSAC will be a leading company in innovation, producing and exporting healthy and excellent tasting food throughout the year, making people happy.


ECOSAC will be a creative and innovative family, working the land and water with great care and passion, to transform it into rich and healthy foods that are taken to families around the world.

Company values

ECOSAC is an honest worker, who works with passion, putting desire to everything he does, always respecting the rules and his people. He is committed, innovative and humble, always acting with a positive mind.


Hectares of aquaculture activity


Hectares of agricultural activity


Processing plants


Shrimp larvae laboratory

Crop field



500 in production

Product temporality
January - June/ Nov - Dec




1200 in production

N° of varieties 16

Product temporality

July - April




557 in production

N° of varieties 8

Product temporality

May - December


Lima Tahiti


126 in production

N° of varieties 1

Product temporality

January to December




96 in production

N° of varieties 1

Product temporality

April to May

Process plants

Frozen Plant

Processing capacity

67 tons per day

N° of workers

More than 400 workers

Months in activity

November - May

Fruit Packing Plant

Processing capacity

500 tons per day

N° of workers

1600 people

Months in activity

January - December

Canning Processing Plant

Processing capacity

From 200 to 220 tons per day

N° of workers

1200 people

Months in activity

Mayo a octubre